Hello world!

Welcome to my website. It is my first post. I just want to start my writing! I wish I could start my blogging journey from beginning of my web entrepreneurship journey. But, lot’s of fear, hesitation and Shiny Object Syndrome killed my dream. However, I think it’s good time to start. I have just bought this domain ( to start my English writing journey.

Hello World

The plan to start of this blog happened suddenly. Last night Tamal Anwar (One of the earlier blogger from Bangladesh, started blogging about online business and make money niche) tagged me in his Facebook post. He wanted to start a 7-day blogging challenge. I was just thinking some moments and decide to participate in the 7-day blogging challenge.

Tamal's FB Post

The primary purpose of this blog is to share all my thinking, experience, life events and tips & tricks about web entrepreneurship, which is my favorite domain. I want to be habitual with English Blog writing. It will be a great achievement if I can make it happen. Nowadays Blogging is a crucial weapon that helps you communicate with the world and your audience easily.

Thanks, Tamal to bring this challenge!


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