The Story Of My First Freelance Project

Before starting the freelancing career, We (Me & Shajjad) took our time to set up our startup IdeaBuzz, rented office at khulsi in Chittagong and got a couple of local clients. At first, we had no interest in freelancing. We had some misunderstandings about Freelancing i.e. Bangladeshi Freelancers couldn’t earn smart money and It’s tough to get jobs in the freelance market in an early stage.

At the very beginning, Shajjad tried to be little more serious in Odesk (presently Upwork). He got his first project within two weeks. He got another one after the completion of the first one rather quickly. His success inspired me, and he kept pushing me to start my freelance journey.

First Freelance Project Story

I was confused about my success in freelancing. Because I was only aware of Keyword Research back then. However, I decided to take Odesk seriously. I was looking for “Keyword Research” Jobs at Odesk and noticed some available jobs. I prepare my proposals according to the job descriptions. Though I was new at Odesk, I had confidence in my Keyword Research skill, and I only needed a chance to proved myself.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my website. It is my first post. I just want to start my writing! I wish I could start my blogging journey from beginning of my web entrepreneurship journey. But, lot’s of fear, hesitation and Shiny Object Syndrome killed my dream. However, I think it’s good time to start. I have just bought this domain ( to start my English writing journey.

Hello World

The plan to start of this blog happened suddenly. Last night Tamal Anwar (One of the earlier blogger from Bangladesh, started blogging about online business and make money niche) tagged me in his Facebook post. He wanted to start a 7-day blogging challenge. I was just thinking some moments and decide to participate in the 7-day blogging challenge.

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